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Limited edition prints of Jewish prayer and ethics
Philip Perlman, who has devoted years to the study of  Hebrew calligraphy has elected to illuminate and interpret a series of passages of some of the most beautiful and meaningful prayers in Judaism.  The artist employs a unique combination of traditional calligraphy and contemporary graphics to interpret the spirit, the feeling and the deeper message of these prayers and passages.

These interpretations go to the core of our religious traditions.  They vividly demonstrate the beauty and power of the Hebrew language and the influence of Jewish ideas on Western civilization.

All prints are meticulously reproduced by lithography on heavyweight fine art paper in a limited edition of only 450 of each print.  They capture the brilliant yet subtle flavor of the water color paintings and the precise drawing of the lettering and calligraphy.  Each print will be personally signed in pencil and numbered by the artist.

Here is a unique opportunity to own limited edition prints that capture the very essence of the Hebrew spirit.

These outstanding reproductions are particularly appropriate gifts for weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, anniversaries, house gifts and are especially appropriate for those who have "everything."

The artist, Philip Perlman, is a former Yeshiva student, born in Galicia, Poland - heart of Chassidism - and raised in the United States, with the spirit of Judaism ever present.

He has had exhibitions at the Yeshiva University Museum, Lever House, Adelphi University and various synagogues in the New York area.